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  • Expense Guidelines

    This policy is effective January 1, 2024. KCACTF Region 8 reimburses mileage @ $0.67 per mile. Meal costs incurred during long trips of 100 miles or more, may be reimbursed up to $10.00, maximum for breakfast or lunch, or $20 for dinner. Each meal total is inclusive of tip, and no more than 1 meal will be reimbursed without prior approval of the Region 8 Chair. You must have receipts to submit in order to be eligible for a reimbursement (meals, toll roads, parking, etc.) please submit them attached to this form. You will not be reimbursed for meals or lodging without receipts, and mileage cannot be reimbursed without a map that includes your starting point, school destination, and ending point. Again, all submissions must include your receipts, if you are requesting Region 8 to cover the expense. Region 8 will not provide a reimbursement without a receipt or documented travel itinerary. Overnight lodging is occasionally paid by the host school if in Region 8. Lodging will be paid by the host school if out-of-region. Accommodations should be discussed between the respondent, circuit coordinator and school-particularly if you are traveling beyond a 100 mile radius from home. Lodging, airfare and car rental will not be reimbursed without prior approval. KCACTF 8 will not reimburse costs associated with traffic violations.