The KCACTF focus on Devised Performance gives space, voice, recognition and credibility to processes and productions which are created outside the text-based traditions, and which utilize the non-traditional, non-linear, multi-disciplinary and collective tools of devising. As we develop our craft new perspectives and processes of creating good performance emerge. It is necessary for the health and life of performance to acknowledge and embrace non-traditional ways of perceiving and creating. Gregg Henry, the Artistic Director of the National KCACTF organization, has spear-headed this initiative, along with Rich Brown, to acknowledge and incorporate Devised Performance programming into the regional festival activities. At Region VIII students can be involved in creating devised performance in two ways: bringing works created at their institution or creating work with our Guest Artist at the festival.

What is Devising?

Devising is a 21st century term for the act of creating performance that moves away from traditional text-centered approaches and toward transdisciplinary performance explorations. A devised work is an original, newly constructed piece of theatre art that can begin with an idea, a concept, or an impulse. Tools for creating a devised work are unlimited, and can be adapted from many disciplines including circus, physical theatre, fine art, music, dance, architecture, science, etcetera. Meanings are found in a multiplex system of textual, kinesthetic, sonic, visual, and visceral sensory input. Devising is a continually morphing way of working that requires a team of participants who contribute lived experience and artistry to the processes of creating the completed project.

As part of our initiative to educate and support devised work, KCACTF Region 8 is committed to dedicating time and space for devised performances created by college/university students with faculty and/or guest artists. It is expected that this work is created at your institution, guided or “directed” by faculty utilizing the National prompt before the festival, and then brought to share at the Festival. Faculty can submit an application or get more information on the application page: Go to kcactf-8.org, select Devising from the list of programs; then select on: “Devised Performance Project Intent to Participate Form”. If you have questions please contact 

bree valle
Devised Performance Coordinator

Your entry must be submitted by December 15, to receive full consideration. (Please see the prompt for project logistics and parameters.)

KCACTF National Devised Theatre Project 2021

The Prompt

This is the Country We Want

-Ensemble will select their sources of inspiration as their creative container (examples: a photograph, a poem, a fictional or non-fictional short story, a memory, interviews, a question, etc.). Ensemble will be asked to clearly articulate how their sources informed process and product, form and content.

– Each ensemble will create a unique performance vocabulary informed by their source materials. This vocabulary should include movement, voice, visual image, sonic landscape, text and scenic environment and communicate the piece’s style and aesthetic.

-Ensemble should consider time restraints and technology availability. These parameters are designed to form a creative container to spark your imaginations and deepen your exploration.


Companies may submit a recorded version of their work. The company is responsible for submitting a link to the regional coordinator for the respondents to access their work before 5pm, Pacific Standard Time (PST) on February 5, 2021.

Companies should adhere to the 2021 Devising Health & Safety Protocols & Guidelines


Contributions of the ensemble are to be balanced and evenly distributed

Not every member of the ensemble must perform, but the majority should

Faculty advisors may provide outside-eye feedback, but students should drive the work


    Additional Information

    Each showing will be given a short response from regional faculty. Each deviser will be expected to speak articulately about their work, displaying rigor of process and responsibility for form and content.

    Devising isn’t an aesthetic; it’s a process. This approach to creating new work includes multiple aesthetics, production value spectrums, and performance styles.

    Deadline for completion of the Intent to Participate Form is February 1 

    Schools may enter multiple groups for the devising project.

    To participate in Region 8, send intent to participate email to bree valle at bvalle@cuesta.edu by February 1, 2021

    Response/Awards For Devised Work

    The showing of devised works will be given a response from regional faculty and/or devising guest artists. These professional theatre artists will determine the recipients of two awards that have been created to commend and acknowledge exceptional and innovative devised work at the Region VIII festival. The two awards are:


    Outstanding Ensemble


    Outstanding Commitment to the Prompt