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We do not have a location for festival 56 yet. It will be the week of February 11th, 2024. If you know of a school that is available to host that has theatres, available classrooms, and local hotels nearby (all 3 are needed) email


Festival 55 in Las Vegas was fantastic! Thank you to everyone who joined us. We will hope to announce the location for next year’s festival soon, so stay tuned.

We will also be announcing information about additional programming, workshops, and volunteer opportunities.

It’s an exciting time here in Region 8.

Shaunte Caraballo, Region 8 Chair


The Vendor Name and mailing address for a Purchase Orders is:

ACTF Management, Ltd – Region 8

Mailing address:

2892 N Bellflower Blvd #1039

Long Beach, CA 90815

Welcome to the production registration system for the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival. Here are a few ways registration has changed. 

You will first need to sign up for a user account. While this is an additional step, it will allow you to log back into the system to edit production information, print invoices, and reduce the amount of things you need to re-enter for each production.  We will approve your account as soon as possible—and you only need to do this once. We ask that each school have one account with WildApricot for registering shows, that way we can keep organized records of your institution’s participation.

You can pay for your shows immediately with a credit card. No more calling into the KCACTF office or faxing over your credit card information!

Your account will have all of your invoices and receipts to access at any time.  

SCHOOL REGISTRATION: Registration of your college or university for KCACTF. Once you’ve done this, you don’t need to do it again. You’ll get a membership account (which is free), and members can register shows in KCACTF year after year.  You can log back in and make edits to your productions if plans change or revisit your payment records. If you need to transfer the account to another individual, email Kelsey at, who can make the change and reset the password.

PRODUCTION REGISTRATION: With your new member account, register all the productions your school wants. They will all be connected to your account, where you will be able to see your invoices and pay for production entry fees with a credit card. (You can also choose “offline payment” to pay via check.)

RESPONDENT REGISTRATION: You will need to list the name of the person who will be the respondent for your school in your registration for your production. Every school must have at least 1 trained respondent who responds to at least 1 production each year. This helps us make sure that all productions have respondents. If your respondent needs training, please contact to schedule a training.

We appreciate your patience and your good humor as we make this transition. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and/or Kelsey Mesa, Manager of KCACTF and Theater Education at The Kennedy Center (


Festival 56 (2024) does not have a location yet, but will hopefully be announced soon.

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