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2024 Rules and Overview

2024 Irene Ryan Guidelines and Overview


Self-Nomination Deadline: December 30, 2023

*Please Note: Self-Nominations are only for those who were NOT nominated as a part of an associate or participating production. Please use the link below to fill out your Self-Nomination form.

CLICK TO OPEN: Self-Nomination Form

The Irene Ryan Acting Scholarship Auditions, Festival 56 Intent to Participate Form is live and ready for students to start submitting. 
The deadline for the Intent to Participate Form is January 14th by 11:59pm. 

Intent to Participate Deadline: January 14, 2024


Self-Tape Preliminary Round Submissions via Airtable: January 14th – January 28th 2024


Please note: Nominees will receive the Airtable link for self-tape submissions once the Intent to Participate Form has been submitted.



  • Preliminary Round: 2 contrasting monologues, time limit of 3 minutes total.
  • Self-Tape (Recorded) submission via Airtable. Link will be available January 14th and emailed to you once you submit an Intent to Participate form.
    1. Students (nominee and future partner) must have a paid registration to submit a self-tape video. Partner’s name will be submitted in the Intent to Participate form. 
    2. NO EDITING within the tape. So, one take, which includes an introduction, and both monologues. No editing in between monologues or in between intro and monologues.
    3. Do not mention your school name in your introduction.
    4. Focal point for introduction should be to the camera. Focal points for monologues are up to the performer.
  • Submission window for the Preliminary Round is January 14th – 28th. 
  • Preliminary Round responses with regional faculty respondents will happen prior to the festival via zoom during the week of February 5th – 9th. Stay tuned for that information.
  • Semi-Finalists will be announced at the in-person festival.
    1. A featured workshop track will be highlighted at the festival for those students who don’t advance to semis. This track will consist of special workshops and opportunities for showcasing prepared material.
    2. NPP will also be using students who are interested in the Ten Minute Play Festival.
  • Semi-Final Round: Performed Live at Festival: 1 monologue (from prelims, nominee’s choice) and one scene w/ partner, time limit of 5 minutes total.
    1. Students will receive feedback from the Semi-Final Round Respondents at the Festival.
  • Final Round: Performed Live at Festival: 2 contrasting monologues from Prelims and the scene from Semi-Finals, time limit of 6 minutes total.
    1. Students will receive feedback from the Final Round Respondents.
  • Please Note: Irene Ryan Nominees can serve as a partner for another Irene Ryan Nominee.  
  • A nominee or partner can only be in two packages. So a nominee can also serve as a partner for one other nominee. A partner can only partner two nominees.
  • Singing will not be allowed. It is recommended that those interested in singing explore the MTIs. 
  • Rules regarding Rights, Royalties, Slating, Timekeeping, uses of Props and Furniture will remain from previous years. See below.
  • When you submit your self-tape in January through the Airtable link, it will ask you to upload a PHOTO of yourself. This CAN be a head shot if you have one, but it doesn’t need to be. It just needs to be an updated close-up photo of you, so we can identify you in your self-tape submission. This will be in no way used for any type of response or judging, it is merely administrative.

The link below is a direct link to the Irene Ryan’s Scholarship Auditions Nationals Page and offers information regarding rules and requirements for the Irene Ryan’s:
Irene Ryan’s National Information

Any questions? Please email:



    Irene Ryan Scholarship Auditions Co-Directors:

    Jason Francescon
    Citrus College

    Gahren Markarian
    Citrus College

    Since 1972, the Irene Ryan Foundation of Encino, California, has awarded scholarships to the outstanding student performers at each regional festival. These scholarships are made possible by the generosity of the late Irene Ryan, who is best remembered for her portrayal of the lovable and feisty ‘Granny Clampett’ in The Beverly Hillbillies. All student actors in both Participating and Associate productions are eligible for consideration for the $500 regional scholarships

    The Irene Ryan Scholarships provide recognition, honor, and financial assistance to outstanding student performers wishing to pursue further education. The Irene Ryan Foundation awards 8 regional awards and two national scholarships annually. There are two scholarships of $3,500 each for the winners at the national festival in Washington, D.C.