Gold Medallion

Each year, the eight KCACTF regions honor individuals or organizations that have made extraordinary contributions to the teaching and producing of theatre and who have significantly dedicated their time, artistry and enthusiasm to the development of the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival. Most importantly, recipients have demonstrated a strong commitment to the values and goals of KCACTF and to excellence in educational theatre. It is the most prestigious regional award given by KCACTF and is considered one of the great honors in theatre education.

Bob Nelson

Univeristy of Utah


Catherine Zublin

Weber State University

2018 Bob Nelson and Catherine Zublin

2017 Kathy Ervin, Matt Neves, Rodger Sorensen

2016 Christopher Clark

2015 EE Moe and Lori Siekmann

2014 Shiz Herrera

2013 Virginia Ludders

2012 Susan Berkompas

2011 Char Nelson

2010 Geoffrey Eroe

2009 Eric Bishop

2008 Kevin Wetmore

2007 Eve Himmelheber

2006 John H. Binkley

2005 Anita DuPratt

2004 Bernadette Cheyne

2003 Debra Shapazian

2002 Richard Bugg, 
Tom Provenzano

2001 Bruce Duerden,
 Pamela Dyer, 
James Tauli

2000 Paula Alm
, Utah State University Theater

1999 Debra Shapazian, 
Robert Yowell

1998 Jill Benone, 
Crae Wilson

1997 Diana Polsky
, Judith Royer

1996 Kaleta Brown
, Ivan Hess

1995 Jill Benone
, Charles Metten

1994 Amanda Sue Rudisill

1993 Ken Gray, 
Bill Wolak

1992 Ivan Hess

1991 Dean Hess

1990 Harold Dixon–S,
 Owen Smith–S
, Robert Ware–N

1989 Jim McCloskey–S
, Alan Stambusky–N

1988 Bill James–N

1986 Pamela Fields–S

1985 Bill Wolak–N

1984 George Forester–N
, Kip Niven–S

1983 Emmett Jacobs–S

 Jerry Crawford–S
, Jere Wade–N

 Jerry Crawford–N
, Pamela Fields–S
, Al Keller–S
, Richard Levering–N
, Howard Malpas–N, 
Jim McCloskey–S
, Sid Perkes– (UT), 
Jack Vaughn–S

Barbara Carver–S, 
Ed Emanuel–S
, Rex Heuschkel–N
, Charles Redman–S, 
Southern California
Educational Theatre
, Anta West–S

Kaleta Brown–S
, Bonnie Burns Busick–N
, Harold Oaks–(UT)
, Franklin Wilbur–N

 Jack Byers–N
, Jerry Crawford–S
, Fleda Evans–N, 
Ron Feinberg–S
, Charlotte K. Motter–S
, Maris Ubans–S

 Dolores Abrans–N
, James A. Butler–S, 
Dr. Harold Crain–N
, Sylvia Drake–S, 
Jack Morrison–S
, Alfred Muller–N ,
Clifford E. White–S
, William C. White–S

Jerry Blunt–S
, Virginia Christine–S
, James Costy–N, 
Cecile Enright–S, 
Fritz Field–S
, Ronald Johnson–N, 
Robert Smart–N, 
Dan Sullivan–S

Howard Banks–S, 
Muriel Roy Bolton–S
, Kingsley Colton–S, 
Bert and Margaret Holland–S
, Doyne Mraz–N, 
Omar Paxson–S
, Robert Smykle–S
, Richard Wilson–S

 John Cauble–S, 
Jenane Hall–N
, Robert Hays–N
, Lee Korf–S
, Candy Maue–N
, Harry Murray–S
, Sara Seegar–S

Jean Korf–S, 
Kate Lawson–S
, Patricia Madsen–S, 
Norman Mennes–S, 
Chalotte K. Motter–N, 
Ezra Stone–S

Fay Kanin–S, 
Michael Kanin–S