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ATHE/KCACTF Innovative Teaching Award

Excellence in Theatre Education Award

This honor, given for the first time in 1997, recognizes faculty and staff in various universities and colleges throughout the region who go “beyond the call of duty” in devoting their time, efforts, talent, and energies on behalf of the students and in support of the other faculty and staff of their institution. The following recipients of the “Excellence in Theatre Education Award” are individuals recognized by the Board of Governors of the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, Region VIII for their unique commitment to their students, their colleagues, their institution, and their profession. We wish to honor their vision, knowledge, high intention, and sincere effort in fostering, supporting and developing a greater respect and appreciation for theatre, theatre education, and all who participate in it.

Excellence in Theatre Education Criteria

Criteria for Excellence in Education Award

Criteria for Excellence in Education Award:

Faculty nominated for the KCACTF Excellence in Education Award should have been employed by their institutions full time for at least three years and have demonstrated exceptional ability in one or more of the following:

  • Passion and commitment to the teaching profession

  • Innovation and creativity in the theatre classroom

  • Mentoring students’ professional growth and development

  • Fostering outstanding works of artistry at their institution  

  • Engendering productive collaboration with students and colleagues

  • Contributing work that significantly furthers KCACTF Region 8’s mission

Faculty can be nominated through the KCACTF Region 8 webpage by other faculty, students, staff, or administrators at their own or other institutions within the region. Nominations cannot be anonymous but can be signed by multiple people.   

Nominations are due TBD

Festival Recipient

Will be announced in December.

Past Recipients


Donald Ranney

Leeward Community College


Joel Veenstra
University of California, Irvine

Taurie Kinoshita
Windward Community College


Judith Royer Award For Excellence in Production Response

The Judith Royer Award for Excellence in Production Response has been established in honor of Sr. Judith Royer, a revered friend and contributor to the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival by her development of the Region VIII Respondents Workshop. The award goes to a respondent from Region VIII for an outstanding record of thoughtful, effective and supportive responses to nominated productions. Criteria include:

Commitment to the values of artistic choices and diversity of perspective

Reflection of the educational mission of training the future artistic leadership in American Theatre

Contribution to nurturing talent in all areas of the theatre by constructive feedback and fostering risk-taking, collegial exploration of new ideas and celebration of artistic skills and insight.

Festival Recipient




Past Recipients


Robert Kevin Doyle