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FESTIVAL 56: Faculty, Guest Artist and KCACTF Invited Workshops

Preview of Workshops - more titles coming soon

Tue Feb 13 4-5 PM: Playwrights Have Rights! (Musical Theatre Writers, Too)

The Dramatists Guild Bill of Rights, a document long held as an industry standard in how theatre writers may interact with the process of a script from conception to
production. Workshop to be led by Emmanuel Wilson.
NPP Room 3 – CS 177

Thu Feb 15 at 2 PM: Delighted Listening

Theater brings together writers, actors, stage managers, designers, choreographers, directors, dramaturgs, and many, many more. How do we all play a role in a production’s success? Communication. New York theatermaker Billy McEntee leads an engaging and unforgettable exercise that lets everyone tap into their imagination, share what they found, and listen to others’ treasures. Delighted Listening is a popular, and very special, theater practice, and you are very welcome to join in the magic!

Thu Feb 15 at 3 PM: Intro to Theater Journalism

Join New York theater writer and reporter Billy McEntee (bylines in Playbill, Vanity Fair, San Francisco Chronicle, them) as he introduces how we can better think and talk about theater to uplift an ever changing entertainment and media landscape. No prior writing experience necessary! We’ll discuss hot takes, cherished performances, and everything in between.

Fri Feb 16 at 2-3 PM: Crafting a Career as a Playwright

Marisela Treviño Orta shares advice and experiences that will help a playwright navigate their way in the world of playwriting.
Friday, February 16
NPP-Dramaturgy Room – AU 114

Fri Feb 16 at 3 PM: The Art of Interviewing with Ashley Lee, Former Theater Reporter for the LA Times 

Award-winning journalist Ashley Lee, who has interviewed Leslie Odom, Jr., Karen Olivo, and other Broadway stars for the Los Angeles Times, will discuss theater reporting, how to conduct yourself in interviews, and the evolving media and journalism landscape in this special ITJA session. All are welcome!

Sat Feb 17 at 11 AM: How to Write Fair Reviews

Billy McEntee will step students through what makes for a fair review, and how criticism is much broader than a thumbs-up or thumbs-down writeup. If you have an interest in dramaturgy, journalism, or writing about the arts, come for an insightful, stress-free class. No prior writing experience necessary!

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