Respondents Workshop

The KCACTF Region VIII Respondents Workshop provides training on how to effectively respond to theatre productions, including traditional and non-traditional approaches to performance. The Workshop shares insights into, explores concerns about, and discusses challenges most often encountered in the response process. It provides an opportunity to learn and/or update skills needed for conducting engaging on-site responses.

The Respondents Workshop includes four sessions from 8:00 to 10:00 am each morning of the Festival, Wednesday through Saturday. Participants see selected Festival productions, observe Festival respondents, discuss and practice response skills with each other, and give and receive response feedback among colleagues. Each of the four sessions will address different elements of effective responses. It is preferred that participants attend all four of the scheduled workshop sessions. However, participants may miss one session and still potentially qualify to serve as respondents.

Please contact Judith Royer or Rodger Sorensen with any questions about the Respondents Workshop.