Excellence In Education

This honor, given for the first time in 1997, recognizes faculty and staff in various universities and colleges throughout the region who go “beyond the call of duty” in devoting their time, efforts, talent, and energies on behalf of the students and in support of the other faculty and staff of their institution. The following recipients of the “Excellence in Theatre Education Award” are individuals recognized by the Board of Governors of the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival, Region VIII for their unique commitment to their students, their colleagues, their institution, and their profession. We wish to honor their vision, knowledge, high intention, and sincere effort in fostering, supporting and developing a greater respect and appreciation for theatre, theatre education, and all who participate in it.

Criteria for Excellence in Education Award:

Faculty teaching three or more classes are eligible to be nominated for the KCACTF Excellence in Education Award. These faculty members should have been employed by their institution(s) for at least three years and have demonstrated exceptional ability in one or more of the following:

  • Contributing work that significantly furthers KCACTF Region VIII’s mission
  • Passion and commitment to the teaching profession
  • Innovation and creativity in the theatre classroom
  • Mentoring students’ professional growth and development
  • Fostering outstanding works of artistry at their institution
  • Engendering productive collaboration with students and colleagues

Faculty can be nominated through the KCACTF Region VIII webpage by other faculty, students, staff, or administrators at their own or other institutions within the region. Nominations cannot be anonymous but can be signed by multiple people. Self nominations will not be accepted for this award.

Nominations are due no later than December 15th.

Taurie Kinoshita 
Joel Veenstra

Carin Heidelbach

Gil Gonzalez
Nancy Hills
William F. Lett
Van Tinkham
bree valle

Lisa Berger
Lisa Lyons
Paul Mitri
Robin Russin

Leslie Ferreira
Wade Hollingshaus
Chris Mangels
Mark Ramont
Jeff Thomson

Kevin Dressler 
Peter Sham 
Arthur Wagner 
Marilyn Loveless

Nina LeNoir
Josh Machamer
Janet Swenson
D. Terry Petrie

Varlo Davenport
Catherine M. Erickson
Jeanette Farr
Dr. Michael Harvey
Jim Holmes
Krista Jo Miller
C. Tim Quinn
Kara Thomson 
Tony Vezner

Robert Cohen
Douglas Hill
Ellyn Gersh Lerner
Lee Lyons
James McDonnell
Randy Messersmith
Michael A. Mufson
Rodger Sorensen

Richard Bugg
Bernadettte Cheyne
Maria Cominis
Lenna DeMarco
Kenneth Gardner
G. Shizuko Herrera
Larry Jorgensen
Theresa Larkin
John Mayer
Johanna Smith

Cherie Brown
Tom Provenzano
Dr. J’aime Morrison
Lyn Dutson
Mandy Rees
Paula Alm
James Arrington
Rachel LePell

Paul DeDoes
Pamela Downs
Chris Eicher
Charles Erven
RoZsa Horvath
Megan Sanborn Jones
Mic Shackelford
Robert Yowell

Bruce Duerden
Geoffrey Eroe
Eve Himmelheber
Rickerby Hinds
Gail Holbrook
John F. Lane
Jerome O’Donnell
Robert Nelson
William Wolak

Susan K. Berkompas
Rebecca Engle
Colin Johnson
Trisch Jordahl
Guilermo Reyes
John Rude
Debra Shapazian
Tamiko Washington

Anthony Carreiro
Jim Christian
Roy Conboy
Kathryn Ervin
Anne Fajillan
Gary Imel
Peter Senkbeil

Michael J. Arndt
W. Vosco Call
Bradley Myers
James Taulli
Larry Soller
Randy Wonzong

Kaleta Brown
Don Cate
Valorie Greer
Barta Heiner
Gary Krinke
Val Limar
Virgina Zike Ludders
Rev. Fred Tollini

Thomas F. Bradac
Fred Fate
José Cruz González
Jodi Julian
David Kahn
Charles Myers
Oscar Lee Walker
Kimb Williamson

Chris Beach
Timothy P. Bryson
Roger DeLaurier
George T. Forrester
Dean Hess
Charles Metten
Judith Royer
Jere Wade

Jerry Crawford
Monica Ehlke–Cole
Thomas Hird
Bill Korf
Diana Polsky
Timothy W. Slover
Ethel Pitts Walker

Pamela Fields
John R. Fisher
Julie Jensen
Harvey T. Jordan
G. Randall King
Ed Trujillo
Peter J. Van Niel
Cornelia Wilson

Jerry Carlson
Eddie Coe
Barclay Goldsmith
Adrianne Harrop
Roger Held
Bob Jensen
Davey Marlin–Jones
Jerome O’Donnell
Sid Perkes
David Wheeler
Louise Williams
Crae Wilson

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